About fytopro

Fytopro, unleashes the power of plants

Biopol Natural is internationally known as a producer and supplier of biological controllers and pollinators. Biopol Natural wants to contribute to the development of vigorous and productive crops and for this purpose has developed the fytopro system. With this development Biopol Natural takes its responsibility in the development of a total system in which the sum consists of its parts. Fytopro is a system in which products strengthen each other and the effectiveness is guaranteed.

Fytopro is the building block for your management strategy against pests and diseases!

Fytopro stands for crop protection (translated from Greek: Fytoprostasia), and takes the soil as the starting point for the cultivation of vigorous and productive crops. Fytopro stands for a new way of cultivating and managing crops. It takes the natural processes into account, which leads to sustainable agriculture and horticulture. The focus is shifting from pest control to the creation of a vigorous crop, where the fytopro system is used as a building block for management strategies.

The fytopro system consists of three parts:
1. multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor;
2. products that stimulate the presence of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil, such as V-HerbaV-Add and V-Solum;
3. Application advice tailored to your needs.

I would like more information
If you have any questions about the fytopro system in connection to your crop cultivation, please complete the contact form or contact Biopol Natural by telephone on +31 (0) 187 493422

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