What does fytopro includes?
Fytopro is an integrated (systematic) approach designed to promote biodiversity in the soil. From an biological point of view, fytopro ensures healthy and strong plants that can resist pathogens. Fytopro is safe for humans and the environment.
How does the system works?
Two multi-species products are central to the fytopro system, Hansebac and Hansespor. Various bacteria and fungi, including Trichoderma varieties, Mycorrhizal fungi, Pseudomonas and Bacillus sp. are present in the fytopro system. Both products are applied to the early stages of cultivation from seeds and cuttings. to guarantee the continuity of the fytopro system, V-Herba and V-Add are added to the growing medium. These organic materials form a source of food for beneficial bacteria and fungi and therefore provide support when the crop is susceptible, for example due to stress.
Why must fytopro be applied in the early growing phases?
By starting at an early stage, the microorganisms develop and grow along with the roots. Furthermore, they take up space that is no longer available for pathogens, which is very important considering the harmful fungi and bacteria present. Similarly, the fytopro system ensures efficient uptake of nutrients, which increases the nutrient yield.
Why should I apply fytopro frequently to the cultivation?
The condition of roots and plants is highly dependent on the environmental factors. These environmental factors may lead to stress and cause the roots to cease functioning. In order to guarantee the continuity of the fytopro system it is important to supplement the microorganisms frequently. For example, these compete with pathogens for space and the colony forming units are therefore subject to fluctuations.
What are the benefits of fytopro for me?
Fytopro consists of products that reinforce each other. The system was developed on the basis of extensive trials and research. Your advantage lies in the fact that you apply a total system in which the products – and the effects – are optimally tuned. For the application, this means a central point production control.
How can I apply fytopro?


What does the mycorrhizal fungus do?
The mycorrhizal fungus enlarges the root system of the plant. The fungus does this by attaching itself to the regular root system and thus – due to its small size – can reach places that are inaccessible to the regular roots. In addition, it lives in symbiosis with the plant, which means that the plant and the fungus both benefit from each other’s presence. They demonstrate this by excreting natural antibiotics and absorbing nutrients to meet the plant’s requirements. This improves the immune system. The Hansespor product includes endomycorrhiza. These fungi are characterised by their ability to grow on most plant species (≥ 80%).
What does Pseudomonas fluorescens do?
Pseudomonas makes natural antibiotics, which increases the resilience. This makes the plant more resistant to fungi. It is an aerobic bacterium, which means it needs oxygen.
Which Trichoderma varieties do the products contain?
The Hansebac product contains Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma asperellum. Both varieties are characterised by their reliability and effectiveness.
What is the ideal storage temperature?
The ideal storage temperature for the products is 5ºC to 10ºC. To guarantee the quality, you must follow the instructions given on the label. The shelf life expires if the product is stored at room temperature.
What makes V-Herba unique?
V-Herba consists out of various amino acids, lactic acids, carbon – as primary energy source – and oligo elements as a source of vitamin. V-Herba maintains a focus in addition to the regular fertilizers which often focused on the crop itself.


How long can the microorganisms survive in the irrigation system?
The microorganisms live in an aerobic environment, that means they need oxygen to survive. It is therefore important when applying Hansebac and Hansespor to ensure that the microorganisms are out of the systems within 6 hours.
Can I use fungicides when I apply fytopro?
Yes, there are fungicides compatible with the fytopro system. See the details given with the Hansebac and Hansespor products for further information.
Which dosage should I use?
The dosage required will depend on your crop.
I am using hydrogen peroxide in order to prevent microbial blockages in the irrigation system, is this compatible with fytopro?
Hydrogen peroxide doen not affect biodiversity, if it is used primary to clean the irrigation system. The composition of hydrogen peroxide breaks down due to contact with organic material like V-Add and V-Herba. This break down is even possible in the irrigation system itself by treating V-Add or V-Herba simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide. Break between the various treatments at a minimum of 1 week.
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