The products within the fytopro system form an integral approach. This integral approach stimulates biodiversity in the growing medium, plant vitality and the productivity of the crop. A healthy and strong plant is crucial to more sustainable agriculture and horticulture and reduces the risks from pests and diseases.

How does the fytopro system work?
There is huge bio-diversity in the growing medium and around the roots of plants. For example, this diversity consists of bacteria and fungi which exist in symbiosis with the plant roots. Hansebac and Hansespor form the basis of the fytopro system. These two multi-species products are characterised by exclusive recipes, in which various microorganisms, nutrients and minerals have been incorporated.

The basic premise here is that the roots and the growing medium form the basis and that these two multi-species products are added. It creates and maintains a vigorous and productive crop. The products V-HerbaV-Add and V-Solum can be used to manage the biodiversity to provide the support the crop requires. Application advice tailored to the specific circumstances are vital to deploy the system effectively.

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