V-Herba is a liquid extract based on organic materials, acids and vitamins. These organic materials enable the product to quickly produce colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi. V-Herba is a catalyst for the Hansebac® and Hansespor® products and very accessible to roots and microbial organisms. The product contributes to the viability of the plant. In addition, V-Herba creates a buffer effect by providing vegetable extracts to meet the plant’s requirements.

What does V- Herba promote?
Colonisation of beneficial bacteria and fungi, root growth and development of the plant.

How do I apply V-Herba?
1. During the growing season, depending on the cultivation circumstances.
2. Dilute V-Herba with water and distribute the solution during watering in or using drip irrigation or sprinkler system.
3. V-Herba is compatible with fertilizers.
4. V-Herba is very accessible to plant roots and microorganisms.

Packaging unit:
Active ingredient: organic materials, (amino) acids, vitamins.
Contents: specific amino acid composition (lysine, tyrosine, arginine), a unique trace element as a source of vitamins and nutritional value. Various amino acids, peptides and carbon source.
Packaging: 20 liter.

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