Professional cultivation

The resilience of the growing medium against diseases and stress is an important factor for successful professional cultivation. This is an important starting point for you as producer!

If you want robust systems, then try the superb fytopro system solution

For you, resilient soil means that your plants won’t become diseased as soon as a pathogen enters their environment. The microorganisms present in the fytopro system supress pathogens. The degree of disease suppression depends on a number of factors in the cultivation. These may be biological, chemical or physical. If the growing medium is able to fulfil its disease suppression role properly, fewer crop protection products will be required during the cultivation.

Fertilization Strategy?
As a professional grower you adhere to your own fertilization strategy. When you apply the fytopro system it is important to consider easily decomposable organic matter. These substances are attractive to fungi. For this purpose, the fytopro system contains the V-Herba and V-Add products. The greater the percentage of organic matter in the growing medium, the more active the microbial organisms will be.

What is the influence on the plant?
The biological indicators for soil resistance are also related to the general resilience. In relation to soil-borne diseases, this means that the influence of infection by plant pathogenic fungi such as Pythium and Fusarium is substantially reduced by applying Trichoderma harzianum. This Trichoderma species, alongside other Trichoderma species, is incorporated in the multi-species product Hansebac. The energy that a plant does not have to expend on resisting fungi and bacteria can be used for the uptake of water and nutrients. In addition, the endomycorrhiza fungi, as part of the multi-species product Hansespor, increase the root surface of the plant thus giving it a stronger foundation.

How do I apply fytopro system to my cultivation?
In the right hand column you will find information specifically for your crops, including the cultivation of VegetablesFruitCut flowersPot plants and Bedding plants and Tree nurseries. Here you will find more precise information.

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