Bedding plants

As bedding plant producer you see the need for good and compact plant structure

Your customers demand strongly standardised quality and a biological crop structure. Nutrient uptake is very important to growing standardised plants and low phosphate fertilization, for example, quickly results in loss of quality. Furthermore, the plants are subject to your cultivation strategy concerning light transmission, planting distance, nutrition and temperature. The shelf life throughout the entire chain is highly dependent on the cultivation. There are considerable differences between heat-loving crops which are especially important in the growing phase.

Fytopro is the system that helps you produce vigorous plants

Due to its total effect, fytopro stimulates the uptake of trace elements, which rectifies any imbalance. You will notice that the fertilizer recipe will tune itself differently to the plant needs and soil quality. At the same time, the fytopro system brings the roots into optimum condition so that the crop is less susceptible to all kinds of soil and fungal diseases. The fytopro system forms a major building block in your management strategy and contributes to a healthy crop.

What is the added value?
1. with the multi-species products you give the soil a boost which makes the plants more resilient and promotes growth.
2. the fytopro system can be mixed through the potting compost, which makes application simple;
3. the fytopro system offers perspectives for cultivating in potting compost where Pythium is a significant root pathogen;
4. the vigour of the soil, in combination with your cultivation strategy, is the key to a good product. The fytopro system encourages vigour;
5. organic material serves as food for the microbial organisms. V-Herba and V-Add have been exclusively developed for the multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor.

Which cultivation measures can I take?
1. when sowing directly ensure that the soil is sufficiently moist, particularly in the first week;
2. plugs with a small root volume are often used when growing bedding plants from seeds or cuttings. In addition, there are many plants per m2, which means that the financial value of the crop is high. The advice here is to opt for a combination of fertilizer and microbial organisms;
3. you usually use larger pot sizes for the final growing phase of bedding plants, so here, the plants always have a larger root system. With the correct application of V-Herba and V-Add you can guarantee the development of beneficial organisms;
4. if you use a watering mat and you therefore only water from below, this is at the expense of efficiency. If possible, always water pot/tray from above.

How do I apply the fytopro system?

Young plants Product** Dosage*
1st treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 40,000 plants.


Final growing phase Product** Dosage*
2nd treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 40,000 plants.
3rd treatment Hansebac Based on 40,000 plants.

** make suspension with 200 – 300 litre water.
* adjust the dosage depending on cultivation period and duration. The intervals will depend on cultivation duration and crop condition. Keep your young plants free of fungicides.

I would like more information
If you have any questions about the fytopro system in connection to your crop cultivation, please complete the contact form or contact Biopol Natural by telephone on +31 (0) 187 493422

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