Fruit farming

Fruit farming (hard fruit and soft fruit) is a major pillar within agriculture and horticulture. As fruit grower, you are very dependent on the weather –just consider drought and frost –but your crops are also vulnerable to pests and diseases. Furthermore, the products must meet ever increasing demands. One the one hand due to changes in the market, and on the other due to legislation and regulations.

The fytopro system enables you to enhance the soil and increase plant resilience and thus to optimise your yield

As a grower, you are the entrepreneur who manages the crop using analyses, fertilization and cultivation techniques. The fytopro system has been especially developed to support you in all this. The fytopro system is a building block in the development of your crop. This offers considerable opportunities for you as entrepreneur.

What are the advantages of fytopro?
1. increases resilience;
2. enables your crop to protect itself from pathogenic fungi and bacteria;
3. offers prolonged effectiveness thanks to the total system;
4. contains exclusive multi-species products;
5. is a total system in which the products reinforce each other and guarantee the effectiveness.

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