Vegetable cultivation

Covered and uncovered vegetable cultivation takes place both in soil as well as on substrates (such as mineral wool, coconut and pearlite). Unfortunately, pests and diseases are a common phenomenon and for you as vegetable grower, biological control is your primary remedy. The market increasingly requires this by setting Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) and because of changing consumer demands on products.

This offers opportunities for you as entrepreneur; with the fytopro system you create strong plants by focusing on the soil. For you, the fytopro system is a building block in your management strategy development!

What are the advantages of fytopro?
1. increases resilience;
2. enables your crop to protect itself from pathogenic fungi and bacteria;
3. offers prolonged effectiveness thanks to the total system;
4. contains exclusive multi-species products;
5. is a total system in which the products reinforce each other and guarantee the effectiveness.

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