Pot plants

Pot plants with new potting compost or substrate offer a very poor soil habitat; the quantity of beneficial microorganisms which can offer resistance to pathogens is still low. This means that pathogens can easily strike.

Fytopro creates a balanced environment for the soil and plant!

Here lies the challenge for you as a pot plant grower, because the entire plant in must reach the consumer in optimum condition. Various aspects of biological cultivation, energy savings and shelf life have a role to play.

With fytopro you have a total system at your disposal that serves as a building block in your management strategy for pests and diseases. It is a system with a preventive effect, it focuses on soil and plant roots.

What is the added value of the fytopro system?
1. with the multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor you give the soil a boost which makes the plants more resilient and promotes growth;
2. by mixing the microbial organisms with the soil at an early stage, you don’t allow the various soil-borne diseases such as Fusarium, Pythium and Sclerotinia to take hold. Beneficial microorganisms (colony forming units) take up the space early on;
3. the fytopro system can be mixed with the potting compost. This makes application simple;
4. because it is a multi-species product, you hardly need to use soil fungicides. This not only gives you a financial saving, it will also benefit the environment;
5. organic material serves as food for the microbial organisms. V-Herba and V-Add have been exclusively developed for the multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor;
6. fytopro is safe for humans and the environment, and does not build up resistance;
7. fytopro offers you the opportunity to consider your crop protection plan more consciously  and to reduce the use of products, such as soil fungicides.

Which cultivation measures can I take?
1. in a dryer climate the aerobic microorganisms perform even better;
2. review your fertilization strategy again and redefine it based on the root environment of your crop;
3. organic material stimulates the soil habitat and enhances the quality of your plants;
4. adding the fytopro system encourages the plants to generate antibodies.

How do I apply the fytopro system?

Young plants / young cuttings Product** Dosage*
1st treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 20,000 plants.


Potting on / planting out Product** Dosage*
2nd treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 20,000 plants.
3rd treatment Hansebac Based on 20,000 plants.

** mix with the potting compost / make suspension with 200 – 300 litre water.
* adjust the dosage depending on cultivation period and pot size. The intervals will depend on cultivation duration and crop condition. Keep your young plants free of fungicides.

I would like more information
If you have any questions about the fytopro system in connection to your crop cultivation, please complete the contact form or contact Biopol Natural by telephone on +31 (0) 187 493422

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