Tree nurserie

Various pests and diseases such as root aphids, Pythium, Verticillium, Symphyla and snails are familiar pests in tree nurseries. In addition, growers are increasingly concerned with maintaining water quality, efficient application of crop protection products and less leaching of organic matter.

Fytopro is the building block in your management strategy

For you as entrepreneur with a tree nursery, the root environment is very important. When growing in pots and containers, this management demands considerable expertise.

What is the added value of the fytopro system?
1. it gives the soil a boost so that the plants become more resilient;
2. it stimulates the development of beneficial microorganisms;
3. you can aim for uniformity in the crop;
4. you enable the plants to develop their own antibodies.

Which cultivation measures can I take?
1. Ensure you have a protocol which includes the fytopro system;
2. by taking preventive measures, you can supresses pathogens;
3. analyse soil samples accurately so you know the fertilization status;
4. with respect to the symbiosis between micro-organisms and plant, it is very important that required nutrients are added to the soil

How do I apply the fytopro system?

Cuttings Product** Dosage*
1st treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 30,000 plants.


Potting on / planting out Product** Dosage*
2nd treatment Hansebac, Hansespor Based on 30,000 plants.
3rd treatment Hansebac Based on 30,000 plants.

** make suspension with 200 – 300 litre water.
* adjust the dosage depending on cultivation period and pot size. The intervals will depend on cultivation duration and crop condition. Keep your young plants free of fungicides.

I would like more information
If you have any questions about the fytopro system in connection to your crop cultivation, please complete the contact form or contact Biopol Natural by telephone on +31 (0) 187 493422

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