Growing high quality seedlings and cuttings is a profession in itself. Watering, fertilizing, space utilisation and crop protection are the variables which you manage accurately. With the right care, the seedlings and cuttings grow to products with the required quality.

Fytopro is the building block for your management strategy against pests and diseases

The fytopro system has been specially developed to provide you with the right building blocks for growing young plants in blocks or plugs. Fytopro offers preventive protection and thus contributes to achieving a biological balance in the growing medium. With this, you therefore have a response to societal demand for sustainable production and it provides maximum protection for your young plants!

What is the fytopro system?
The aim of fytopro is to start with soil to create a vigorous and productive crop. Fytopro stands for a new way of growing and managing that takes natural processes into account and thus leads to a sustainable agriculture and horticulture. Fytopro consists of two multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor. In addition, the beneficial microorganisms are stimulated by V-HerbaV-Add and V-Solum.

What are the advantages for you:
1. rapid rooting from plug to block;
2. reduces the chances of pests and diseases;
3. improves the balance in the plant and its characteristics;
4. effective nutrient uptake;
5. Contributes to a uniform crop (germination and growth);
6. practical and easy to apply thanks to the fine powder;
7. microbial (aerobic) organisms establish themselves quickly due to the good ratio of air and water.

You will find more specific information about the practical applications on the relevant pages seedlings and cuttings.

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