When propagating crops for ornamental flowers and tree nurseries using cuttings, you consider the uniformity of the root system, growth rate and plant quality. In addition to the genetic attributes, there are a number of factors that determine the rooting and growth of the cuttings, such as environmental conditions, parent plant, external characteristics (leaf area and weight), internal properties (nutrient uptake) and auxin treatments.

There is a relationship between the rooting and shooting of cuttings

For successful development of your cuttings you need to create a stable basis. Important aspects include:
1. photosynthesis and the role of the cutting leaves;
2. the presence of organic material.

How do I apply the fytopro system?
Apply the multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor before you place the cuttings in the growing medium. After administering, the spores germinate and the colony forming units (CFU) start their work immediately. Due to their rapid development they compete immediately for space in the growing medium. The fytopro system has a preventive effect.

1. mix well with water;
2. keep the solution in motion to prevent settling;
3. add the watery solution to the mixing vessel (A/B vessel, tank mix) and apply the same day; remove the sand filter!
4. when applying with a Dosatron, adhere to the correct dosage; take the EC value of the fertilizer into consideration, (maximum EC is 6)

Trichoderma varieties and mycorrhizal fungi mix well with auxin.

The ideal storage temperature is 5ºC to 10ºC. To prevent the equipment from becoming blocked, you should remove the filters (sand filters, etc.).

Administering based on:
1. watering in;
2. drip irrigation;
3. sprinkler system.

Should you have any question about the correct application, please contact Biopol Natural. Only use products permitted on the crop and in your country. Consult local registration requirements for further information.

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