Sowing seed

The quality of your young plants is essential. This raises the necessary questions, such as how can I cultivate plants of the highest quality? or how can I reduce the risks? The fytopro system is an ideal resource to assist you. Delivering a quality product that meets your customer’s requirements is your company’s basic principle.

How do I apply the fytopro system?
Apply the multi-species products Hansebac and Hansespor to the seedlings during cultivation. After administering, the spores germinate and the colony forming units (CFU) start their work immediately. Due to their rapid development they compete immediately for space in the plug, pot or open ground. The fytopro system has a preventive effect.

The ideal storage temperature is 5ºC to 10ºC. To prevent the equipment from becoming blocked, you should remove the filters (sand filters, etc.).

Administering based on:
1. watering in;
2. drip irrigation;
3. sprinkler system;
4. fertilizer and/or granulate spreader (agriculture).

Should you have any question about the correct application, please contact Biopol Natural. Only use products permitted on the crop and in your country. Consult local registration requirements for further information.

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